Take steps to control dengue at source: DHO

Take steps to control dengue at source: DHO

Senior physician Dr Srinivasa Kakkillaya speaks at a press meet at Mangaluru City Corporation on Monday.

Four clinical dengue deaths have been reported in the district so far, said District Health Officer Dr Ramakrishna Rao.

Speaking to reporters at the Mangaluru City Corporation office on Monday, he said that one more suspected case of dengue was reported on Sunday but it is yet to be confirmed through laboratory tests.

“The Health Department has deployed 300 health workers to conduct door-to-door visits. Attention has been given to high risk areas of Gujjarakere, Jeppu Mahakalipadpu, Arikerebailu, Mulihithlu, Kodialbail and Kadri Kambala,” said the officer.


Corporation Commissioner B A Mohammed Nazir has said that penalties were levied on eight buildings on Sunday and six more buildings on Monday. “In addition to the raids, the Civil Engineering wing has been clearing the choked drains within MCC limits. Measures have been taken to clear construction debris as well. People’s cooperation is important in controlling dengue and other vector-borne diseases,” he stated.

Corporation Joint Commissioner Gayathri Nayak stressed on the role of collective responsibility and said that source deduction is the mantra for the control of dengue. Under the slogan ‘One Day – Action Day’, sensitisation is being created among schoolchildren, she added.

“Flower pots, discarded tyres, tender coconut shells and terraces should be cleared daily for stagnant water. If found, the stagnant water should be cleared immediately so that the mosquito larvae are destroyed,” she stressed.

Four types of viruses

Dr Srinivasa Kakkillaya, senior physician, said, “Dengue is caused by four types of viruses and all cases need not be serious. Complications will develop only in 0.5% - 1% cases. Plasma leakage is found in such cases. Recognition of dengue is important in this regard. Red rashes all over the body is the simplest way to identify dengue. As the disease intensifies, one comes across vomiting, giddiness and stomach ache, arising a need for hospitalisation. Consistent monitoring is important.”

Stressing on prevention, he said it is the people’s responsibility to clean their surroundings. “Along with clearing stagnant water sources, one should cover one’s body entirely and use mosquito repellents such as citronella oil and neem oil,” he advised.

During a meeting with the members of the non-government organisations, Gayathri Nayak said that the community participation is important in dengue control.

“The NGOs will create awareness in the areas assigned to them by the Corporation. Door-to-door visits and field works will be carried out by the members of the NGO and a report will be furnished by them to the Corporation,” said the officer.

Fine collected

A fine of Rs 75,000 was collected on Monday by the officials for allowing stagnation of water, thus leading to breeding of mosquitoes in Mangaluru.

The fine amount ranged from Rs 5,000 to Rs 15,000.

BTV Cameraman Nagesh Padu died on Sunday night after nearly a week-long treatment at a private hospital in Mangaluru, after he was tested positive for dengue. He was admitted to the hospital on July 17. He was found having Haemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH), a symptom found rarely in dengue patients.

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