Tulu movie all set to enter Guinness Record

Tulu movie all set to enter Guinness Record

The Tulu cinema industry is getting ready to enter a Guinness Record, by completing the shooting of a movie in 17 hours by 10 directors under the banner of Nageshwara Cine Combines. The title of the movie will be announced shortly.

Speaking to reporters here on Saturday, actor Saurabh Bhandary said that the movie will have 10 lead roles. Along with Tulu actors, Tamil actor Rajasimha will be the main villain character. The movie is produced by Kadandale Suresh Bhandary. This will be the first multi-star movie in Tulu, he said.

Stating that more than 10 cameras will be used, he said the movie will be shot at a time in 10 locations and the shooting will be completed within 17 hours.

The script and the dialogue are written by Harish Katpady. The movie directors are Devadas Kapikad, Vijay Kumar Kodialbail, Prakash Pandeshwar, Mayur Shetty, Ranjith Suvarna, Raj Kamal, Rithesh Bangera and Raghu Shetty. The cast includes Arjun Kapikad, Saurabh Bhandary, Roopesh Shetty, Prathvi Ambar, Asthik Shetty.

Talks are being held with other directors and actors. Pooja Shetty is the protagonist in the movie. Other heroines will be selected shortly, said Kadandale Suresh Bhandary.

Already, a Kannada movie created a record by completing the shooting within 18 hours. It is a pride that directors are coming forward to complete the movie within 17 hours. ‘September 8’ movie was shot within 24 hours, said Director Vijaykumar Kodialbail.