Dirty public toilets: People fear spread of diseases

Unhygienic public toilets: People fear spread of diseases

A terrible stench emanates from the toilet behind Suntikoppa Gram Panchayat.

The stench emanating from the public toilets in Suntikoppa is leading to fears of diseases spreading among the people.

Due to lack of maintenance, the toilets lack cleanliness and have become a nuisance for the users.

The toilet near the public library in front of Ram Mandira on Madapura Road is not well maintained and due to the bad stench, people are not turning up at the library.

Local residents Prakash, Balakrishna and Nagarathna have appealed to the Gram Panchayat to take measures to clean these toilets at least once in a week.

The condition of the public toilet behind the Gram Panchayat office is no better. People are not able to use the toilets owing to their pathetic condition.

The public has vented their anger against the local administration for their callous attitude towards cleanliness.

Senior leader M A Vasanth has urged the Gram Panchayat Development Officer to take necessary action to maintain cleanliness at the public toilets.