Unscientific work may cause more landslides: GSI

Unscientific work may cause more landslides: GSI

The place, where a hill developed cracks in Brahmagiri, was covered withplastic sheets, as a precaution.

A team of experts from the Geological Survey of India (GSI) has submitted a 25-page report to the district administration, after studying the reasons for landslides and damages caused to hillocks during August.

The geologists have issued a warning against the interference in the natural topography of hilly ranges.

Works should be carried out without disturbing the natural slope. Or else, there may be possibilities of further landslides, they said.

Senior geologists Sunandan Basu and Kapil Singh had conducted a study at Ayyappabetta, Brahmagiri, Thora and Korangala.

The team has also suggested to the district administration to take necessary measures to translocate the people living near the hilly ranges that are vulnerable to landslides, to safe places.

‘Unscientific excavation’

At Ayyappa Betta, the hillock was excavated in an unscientific way to construct houses, which has disturbed the natural slope. A hill has been excavated to modify the land into a residential site. Such works should be strictly avoided, the team opined in its report and sought more time from the government to carry out an in-depth study of the same.

The expert team also mentioned in its report that the construction of slope in Talacauvery region is carried out without any precautionary measures. There is no channel for the stormwater to flow.

Moreover, percolation pits have been dug on the hill. This might have led the hill to develop cracks, the report said.

The GSI team has advised the district administration to fill up the gap in Brahmagiri hilly range.

People dwelling on the foothills should be shifted to a safer place. Road development works should be carried out in a scientific manner. Retaining walls should be built on the roadsides, the team said.

Tahsildar directs eviction of temporary shops

Following the warning issued by the geologists, the tahsildar of the concerned area has directed the clearing of temporary shops on the foothills of Brahmagiri in Talacauvery. Notices have been served to the local residents and priests by the Gram Panchayat, to vacate the place. The places where the hills have developed cracks have been covered with plastic sheets.

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