Victim of stab injuries critical

Victim of stab injuries critical

MBA student Deeksha, who was stabbed more than a dozen times by her stalker, is said to be in a critical condition.

DCP (Law and Order) Hanumantharaya said she has undergone a surgery in a private hospital and was responding to the treatment. The stalker Sushanth, who had attempted suicide by slitting his throat after stabbing Deeksha in Bagambila near Deralakatte, is said to be out of danger and was shifted to ward under police custody.

Deeksha, a student in Nitte, had befriended Sushanth from Shaktinagar when she had enrolled in Aryan Dance Academy. Sushanth, however, began harassing Deeksha after she refused to marry him and continued to harass her, even after her parents warned him to stay away from her.

Deeksha had even filed a harassment case against Sushanth at Karkala rural women police station. He was arrested under Section 354 of IPC a fortnight ago and had served in jail for a day.

Police sources said Sushanth was a rowdy sheeter with a rowdy sheet being opened in Bunder police station. He had been arrested after he and Japan Manga alias Rajesh had been involved in a fight with Subhash Padil at the district court complex in 2016.

The sources also said Sushanth had plotted Deeksha’s murder on Friday. On June 28, he had changed his WhatsApp status, declaring his love for her, and had uploaded his and her photograph.

On learning that Deeksha was returning home after completing her examinations, Sushanth had stalked and stabbed her after she had alighted from the bus.

Dr Naresh Rai, who is treating Deeksha, said, “Her condition is critical. She will have to be placed in ICU for 48 hours to 72 hours. She will be out of danger only if she does not suffer any infection. She was stabbed in the chest, stomach, left hand and other parts of the body.”