Volunteers clean Bendoorwell area

Volunteers clean Bendoorwell area

Volunteers clean the debris at Bendoorwell area in Mangaluru.

The cleanliness drive under the Ramakrishna Mission Swacchata Abhiyan was carried out at Bendoorwell on Sunday.

The ‘Shramadaan’ was jointly flagged off by Shivaram Adoor, Rotarian, Seaside Rotary Club, Mangaluru, and Shraddha, social worker, Bengaluru, in the presence of Swami Ekagamyananda, convener of the Mission’s Abhiyan.

Adoor said, “The Abhiyan has inspired many NGOs and other groups to work on similar lines. Its consistency and the dedication of its volunteers has awakened the people about the issue and we are seeing the change around.”

Volunteers carried out the cleanliness drive on the Bendoorwell – Balmatta main road.

Women volunteers carried out the drive at Bendoorwell Circle. Mohan Kottari and senior volunteers cleaned the roads leading to Balmatta by removing the dirt and sand. About three places were identified as black spots used to litter by pedestrians and public between Bendoorwell and Balmatta.

The volunteers cleaned the spots and kept pots with flower plants.

A group of volunteers repaired the footpaths by relaying the slabs and covering gaps between the slabs that had been causing inconvenience to the pedestrians. Construction debris and pieces of broken concrete pillars were also cleared. In addition, the volunteers removed banners and posters.

Some volunteers visited houses and shops in the area and distributed handbills creating awareness.

As the usage of plastic bags is causing a menace in the conservation of Nature, Ramakrishna Mission, under the sponsorship of MRPL, is distributing cloth bags to the people. The move is an attempt to create awareness among the people.

The specially designed cloth bags have themes of ‘Save Trees’, ‘Conserve Nature’, ‘Clean Earth’, ‘Green Earth’, ‘Save Earth By Saying No To Plastic’, among others. About 6,000 such bags are being distributed in the daily Jan Sampark Abhiyan.

Distributing the cloth bags on the occasion, Swami Ekagamyananda said, “To preserve Nature, we should minimise the use of plastic bags and replace them with cloth bags. We should also motivate others to use nature-friendly items. Only then can we pledge to inherit a better and cleaner society to the next generation. Reuse and recycle should be our mantra.”