Waste management turns chaotic in Suntikoppa

Waste management turns chaotic in Suntikoppa

Waste dumped by people on a roadside in Suntikoppa.

People in the Suntikoppa Gram Panchayat blame the panchayat administration for the mismanagement of waste in the region.

The Gram Panchayat has initiated a dry and wet waste management unit in a land belonging to a private plantation. Publicity was done 15 days ago, to hand over dry and wet waste separately.

Waste woes

Waste bins were placed on the roadside and near residential layouts, for the collection of waste. But, the waste bins have been cleared without prior information.

Now, the panchayat has decided to collect waste with the help of tractors and autorickshaws by carrying out door-to-door visits.

Apart from the placing of waste bins, every household was provided with two buckets to put dry and wet waste separately. But, the waste has not been collected regularly, causing inconvenience for the residence.

Not setting a particular time or date for waste collection has created confusion.

The local residents say that it is not practical to sit at home and wait for the waste collection vehicle every day as it arrives at a different time on different days. The people need to go out to work. Therefore, a particular time should be fixed for waste collection.

Difference of opinion

The members of the Gram Panchayat have failed to arrive at a common conclusion regarding the method of waste collection. As many as 20 members of the panchayat have differences in opinion and some of them say that the currently followed system is a failure.

A general meeting was called by the Gram Panchayat president on Monday to discuss the issue of the waste collection system.

However, the Gram Panchayat president postponed the meeting quoting the reason of Bharat Bandh. Many members registered their protest against his move.

Fear of diseases

Members P R Sunil Kumar, B M Suresh, Rasathi, Vasanthi and Somanath said that people in ward number one are diagnosed with Leptospirosis.

Holding the waste menace responsible for the disease, the members accused that the Gram Panchayat president did not turn up during the visit of the district health officer to the area.

The president should step down for his negligent act, said the members.

As the waste collection is not being carried out properly, the people have been dumping waste on roadsides and into the stormwater drains.

Worsening the situation, stray dogs are dragging the waste all over the area.

Local residents Mohan, Sunil and Suneetha said that the panchayat development officer (PDO) and members should come up with a proper solution to put an end to the waste menace.

Shopkeepers Chidananda, Sujatha, Ranjani, Muhammed Sharif and John pointed out that the waste-collecting vehicle arrives at 7.30 am, even though shops are opened after 8 pm.

It is not practical for the shopkeepers to arrive early, from far-flung areas, only to hand over the waste. The Gram Panchayat should set a proper time, they added.

'Initial hiccups'

Suntikoppa Gram Panchayat Development Officer Venugopal said that the initial hiccups are common during the implementation of a new system.

The shortcomings will be addressed. The people should cooperate, he added.

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