Water crisis in Dakshina Kannada, Udupi

Water crisis in Dakshina Kannada, Udupi

A view of the dried up Seetha river at Hebri in Udupi.

Several parts of both Dakshina Kannada and Udupi districts are facing water crisis with the urban local bodies supplying the residents water once in two to three days.

Although Mangaluru city is yet to feel the intensity, some wards of Surathkal – especially those situated at elevated locations – are getting water on alternate days. The authorities send tankers to Mucchooru and Kodikal areas in case of shortage.

According to Deputy Commissioner Sasikanth Senthil, the Mangaluru City Corporation may have to ration the supply as the summer showers have failed in the region, especially the River Nethravathi catchment areas. Unprecedented evaporation has led to decline in water level in the Thumbe dam.

Tanker supply

In Ullal, the crisis has intensified this year. Tankers are pressed to service since March itself.

The water level in 68 borewells dug by the Ullal City Municipality has declined drastically. Kakkethota, Chembugudde, Pilaru, Sundaribagh, Baidarapal, Kuthar, Kapikad, Pandithhouse, Sevanthigudde, Gandi, Manchila, Margatale, Patlaburdu areas already face water crisis.

Municipality Commissioner Vani V Alva said, “Funds of Rs 25 lakh have been earmarked to mitigate the crisis. Sinking borewells at Shivajinagara and Kallapu and flushing borewells with little water to clear silt or stone have been proposed.”

The interior villages of Bijala, Olamogru, and Koila in Puttur taluk have problem of distribution. Low voltage poses a hindrance for the supply of water, said a resident.

Areca crop

Plantations in Kabaka, Papemajalu, Badannur, Adyanadka, Uppalige, Kedambadi and Madavu, have areca inflorescence getting dry and drooping, which will affect the yield.

The flow of rivers Nethravathi and Kumaradhara has stopped completely in Uppinangady. Although the residents are not facing any drinking water problems as they are dependent on borewells, the problem may arise if the wells go dry in the coming months.

Residents of Allipade in Sarapady Gram Panchayat, where River Nethravathi flows, are also facing crisis. River Payaswini too has gone dry in Sullia and water is supplied from borewells. In Sullia town, the authorities supply water on alternate days.

Baje dam

In the Baje dam, the fall in water level has led the Udupi City Municipal Council to supply water once in three days, Municipality Commissioner Anand Kallolikar told DH.

Farmers who were dependent on River Suvarna near the dam for their crops have been forced to disconnect the pump sets in their plantations.

The government employee quarters at Doddanagudde, Mission Compound PWD employee quarters behind the deputy commissioner’s office in Udupi too are facing acute water crisis.