Water shortage in Harangi reservoir worries farmers

Water shortage in Harangi reservoir worries farmers

The water level in Harangi reservoir near Kushalnagar on Monday.

In the backdrop of the delayed and weakening monsoon, there is a shortage of water in Harangi reservoir in Kushalnagar. 

Even in the second week of July, water-level in the Harangi reservoir and catchment areas has not increased. 

The farmers in the catchment areas are worried as the area failed to get the anticipated rain in the first week of July.

With the rain playing hide and seek, farmers cultivating jowar, ginger, ragi and tobacco in catchment areas and paddy fields in low-lying areas are worried over their crops. 

Harangi Reservoir assistant executive engineer Raje Gowda said, “There is less water in Harangi reservoir. In this scenario, it is difficult to release water to the canals for the farmers of catchment areas. Water can be released only after the reservoir is full.” 

The reservoir which has 8.5 TMC feet capacity currently has only 2.01 TMC feet water. Of this, only 1.259 TMC feet can be used. 

The maximum storage of the reservoir is 2,859 feet and the water level stood at 2,812.30 feet on Monday morning. The inflow of
water is 566 cusecs while 30 cusecs is released to the river and 20 cusecs to the canals. 

Last year, the water level in the reservoir had stood at 2,856.79 feet during the corresponding period. The inflow was 13,354 cusecs. With the reservoir reaching full capacity, water was released on July 7 to the river last year, said assistant engineer Nagaraju. 

Harangi reservoir irrigates over 1 lakh acres of farmland in Somwarpet, Arkalgud in Hassan, Hunsur, K R Nagar and Periyapatna in Mysuru district. The farming activities in the catchment areas are complete by December. Water is released to the canals till December. 

Further, the low shortage of water has also affected the generation of electricity by EDCL. If the catchment areas fail to get rain in the next week, the crops will be affected.