Water woes hit hotels, temple, hospitals

Water woes hit hotels, temple, hospitals

Water is supplied through tankers at Kaveri Road in Yadthare village.

The hoteliers and the famed Krishna Mutt are at their wits’ end to tackle the acute scarcity of water as the temperature is increasing. With each passing day, the number of visitors and the devotees arriving in the city is increasing. 

Udupi district Hotel Owners’ Association President Thallur Shivaram Shetty said, “We are struggling to manage our condition daily as the number of customers visiting the hotels is rising. A majority of the hotels are shelling out Rs 5,000 to 6,000 per tanker of 12,000-litre water capacity. We need a minimum of two tankers of water per day. All our profits are spent on meeting the hotels’ water needs”.

“We are depending on tankers to supply water for the last two months. Now, only rain will bring in relief. In fact, a large number of tourists flock the district to visit beaches and temples during the summer vacation. The lodges require a large quantity of water. We are advising the visitors not to waste water,” he added.

Palimaru Mutt PRO Shreesha Bhat Kadekar said, “Water from open wells and borewells on Udupi Krishna Mutt premises is used for cooking meals at the temple and the mutts. A minimum of four to five tankers of water is required for cleaning vessels and washing hands.”

“The mutt elephant Subhadre requires a tanker of water for the bath, drinking and to beat the heat. On average, 7,000 to 10,000 devotees are visiting the temple daily during this summer vacation. We have been facing water crisis for many years. But this year, it has reached its peak,” he said. 

District hospital at Ajjarakadu is also depending on tankers to meet the water requirements. The water level in the well situated half-a-kilometre away from the hospital has been declining drastically. The hospital requires at least 8 to 10 tankers of water per day, a source said. 

Even the residential areas are not spared from water problem. The authorities are supplying water to several
areas and villages through tankers.