'Withdraw amended Citizenship Act, NRC'

'Withdraw amended Citizenship Act, NRC'

Members of various organisations stage a protest against NRC and the amended Citizenship Act in front of DC’s office in Manipal.

District Muslim League, in association with Dalit Sangharsha Samiti (DSS) and Komu Sauharda Vedike, staged a massive protest in front of DC’s office demanding immediate withdrawal of the amended Citizenship Act and National Register of Citizens (NRC). 

Well-known columnist Shivsundar said the proposal to amend the Citizenship Act is a direct attack on the Muslim community. It is also backstabbing Hindus and the soul of the Constitution. “Home Minister Amit Shah who is creating disharmony in the country needs to be arrested immediately,” Shivsundar said.

He accused the BJP-led Centre of waging war against the people of the country. It is following a divide-and-rule policy similar to that of British.

“I have studied the Act in-depth and the objective behind the Act is to render Muslims as second class citizens”, Shivsundar said. He said the proposal has mentioned immigrants from three countries, including Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. But there are other communities like Buddhists from China, Tamilians in Sri Lanka and Jews in Nagaland. He said that the amended Citizenship Act is a preface to NRC.

“BJP government is working on an agenda to declare the country as a Hindu Rashtra,” the writer declared. Former minister Pramod Madhwaraj said that it is shameful to seek proof of citizenship from citizens of the country. He urged Hindus to see that no harm is caused to their Muslim brothers

He said that the only hope was the Supreme Court, which will be hearing the case on December 18.

“The Apex Court should reject the Act and none should accept the amended citizenship act,” he stressed.