Youths in Banthadka dig well, solve water crisis

Youths in Banthadka dig well, solve water crisis

The well dug by the youths of Banthadka during the lockdown period.

The lockdown announced to contain Covid-19 has motivated a bunch of youths of Banthadka at Karambaru village in Belthangady taluk to dig a well and find a permanent solution for the acute water crisis.

Janata Colony in Banthadka faces acute water crisis every year after the only public well dried up during peak summer. For the 75 families residing in the village, the public well dug in a government land many years ago was the only source of drinking water.

When youths were idle during the lockdown, 24-year-old Aboobakker Siddiq, decided to make use of the available free time to dig a well and shared his thoughts with his family members— father Hassainar, brothers Ashraf, Sadiq, Shamsuddin and Sarajuddin, who all agreed to support him.

Siddiq, a plasterer by profession, said, “When we began digging, five youths from our neighbourhood joined hands to pull ropes and empty the soil. We received water after digging to a depth of about 40 foot. Now, the water in the well is being used not only by my family but also by my neighbours.”

Siddiq recollected that their requests to authorities to sanction another well had fallen on deaf ears.

"The soil collected from digging the well was used in the backyard of our house to level the land,” he said.

"It was very difficult to dig as there were laterite stones until 15 feet. We achieved the goal in 12 days. For the past six days, we have been using the water from the well. There is about four foot of water in the well right now,” said Siddiq.

The well that was dug has not only helped to solve the water crisis of the family but also provided a permanent solution to the water crisis in the village. 

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