Mate Mahadevi bats for Cong-led Siddaramaiah govt

Mate Mahadevi bats for Cong-led Siddaramaiah govt

Basava Dharma Peetha (Kudalasangama) Seer Mate Mahadevi. DH Photo by M S MANJUNATH

Basava Dharma Peetha head Mate Mahadevi said the Congress government had taken the bold step and had recommended the center to accord constitutional status to Lingayat religion. As a gesture of gratitude, people of the community should vote in favor of the Congress party in the May 12 election, she added.

She was speaking after inaugurating the Basava Mantapa on Gokak road in the city on Tuesday.

The first woman Jagadaguru, who was among the prominent seers who spearheaded the movement seeking independent religious status to Lingayat religion, said the Congress government had taken a historic decision.

Mate Mahadevi said: “Chief Minister Siddaramaiah was sought to make the recommendation and he kept his word. Since the Congress government has kept its word I urge you to support the Congress in the election for fulfilling our demands". 

Mate Mahadevi said she had always professed that Lingayat was separate religion. Community people should be proud to say that they were Lingayats, while it was crime to say Hindu-Lingayat she asserted.

The religion had a history of over 900 years and State government had made its recommendation based on those grounds without heeding to vested interests from within and outside the community.

Mate Mahadevi reiterated that there were differences between Veerashiva and Lingayat. All those who consider Basavanna as their ‘Dharma Guru’ and Vachana literature as their holy book are always welcome into the Lingayat fold she stated.

Mate Mahadevi expressed sadness because a few Virakta seers who had joined hands with the Pancha Peetha were betraying Basavanna. " They must atone for their deeds and consider Basavanna their Guru," she urged.