Model tag to give Mysore zoo a makeover

Model tag to give Mysore zoo a makeover

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Model tag to give Mysore zoo a makeover

The Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens in Mysore is among 26 zoos in the country selected by the Central Zoo Authority (CZA) to be developed as model zoos.

According to ‘guidelines for prioritising grant of financial assistance to zoos,’ the CZA states that the 26 zoos from “different regions of the country should be given attention to improve them significantly in order to support conservation, breeding and zoo education research.” The Authority will provide financial assistance, including Rs 15 lakh for large and medium size zoos, Rs 10 lakh for small zoos and Rs 5 lakh for mini zoos.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Mysore Zoo executive director B P Ravi said a draft master plan of the zoo had already been submitted to the CZA. Once the master plan is approved, animals from different geographical regions will be grouped separately and housed in separate sections of the zoo. Emphasis will be on breeding endangered species, Ravi said.

For example, he said, the first section of the zoo would comprise Indian birds, followed by a section of mega carnivores such as tigers, lions and leopards.

Another section, named Africana, would have 15 species of animals, including the hunting cheetah and African elephant, from Africa. The Indiana section would have animals such as Indian Gaur, Dhole, wolves, among others; the North-Eastern section would comprise Rhinos and Black Bears. The model tag will help the zoo receive specialised veterinary care, construct a well-equipped hospital and send injured animals to rehab centres.

Enclosures will be designed to have vegetation similar to the regions they come from, to ensure that the animals feel at home. Also, ponds for tigers, wooden logs for birds and hiding places for animals are also being planned at the zoo.

Out of the 168 species currently being housed at the Mysore zoo, 135 will be retained in their present locations, while all exotic bird species will be shifted to Karanji Lake adjoining the zoo.