'Modi uninterested in resolving Ram Mandir row'

'Modi uninterested in resolving Ram Mandir row'

Congress MLC C M Ibrahim

Congress MLC C M Ibrahim said, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not taken any initiative to construct the Ram Mandir at Ayodhya; because BJP wants to keep the 'communal pot boiling for political gain'. 

"Now BJP plans to pass an ordinance in Parliament for the temple construction to divert people's attention during an election year," Ibrahim charged. 

Speaking to reporters here on Friday, he said: “Who is opposing construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya? If the Ram Temple is not built in Ayodhya, where else will they build it? PM Modi who, unlike former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee, has not taken any initiative to resolve the issue through talks”. 

Modi uninterested

“Modi is interested in resolving the problems of Muslim wives and not of Ram temple,” Ibrahim said, referring to the urgency shown by Modi in regard to triple talaq issue.

"BJP leaders are not interested in resolving the Ram Mandir, as the issue is their vote bank," he alleged.

“In the name of Ram Mandir, they garnered many votes. Not resolving issues suits their politics,” he said and added that at personal level, he wants a temple to be built at Ayodhya. "Even BJP leaders know that the ordinance route will not help," he remarked. 

Idga Maidan a lost cause

Recalling the Idga Maidan row in Hubballi, Ibrahim said that no BJP leader had visited the Idga Maidan in the last 30-years to check if the flag was flying. “BJP wishes to keep the communal pot boiling for political gain,” he charged.

"Building a temple or mosque is not dharma. Dharma is ensuring that hungry people get food, homeless get shelter, illiterate get education and deserving people get jobs. The Union government has failed on all these fronts," he observed.

He termed Modi's rule 'the worst period' in Indian history. “They were not 'Aache din',” he quipped. 

Ramanagara bypoll

Ibrahim justified L Chandrashekar's move to return to Congress after withdrawing from the race in the Ramanagara bypoll. “Chandrashekar rejoined Congress as he was not supported by BJP leaders. None of them campaigned for him. How can you expect him to stay in the BJP?,” he sought to know.