675th birth anniversary of seer in Melkote

675th birth anniversary of seer in Melkote

Asuri Devaraja Perumal Ayee Jananyacharya. (DH Photo)

Melokote-based Jananyacharya Indological Research Foundation has organised a two-day national conference to mark the 675th Jayanthi Mahotsava of Saint Ayee Jananyacharya in Pandavapura taluk of Mandya district, on November 28 and 29.

Scholars from across India are expected to take part in the conference (Vidwat Sadas), scheduled to be held at Sri Yadugiri Jananyacharya Ayee Kainkarya Vardhini Sabha at Melkote. A series of discourses and book release on the life and works of Ayee Jananyacharya will be held, said director of the foundation Swami Ayee Narasimhan.

Swami Ayee Narasimhan, 27th lineage of Acharya Ramanuja, said, Asuri Devaraja Perumal is the son of Asuri Laksmanacharya, the 7th in lineage of Acharya Ramanuja. “While leaving Melkote, back to Srirangam, Asuri Laksmanacharya initiated Asuri Perumal as one among the 74 Simhasanadhipathis and instructed him to remain at Melkote in service of Lord Cheluvanarayana,” he said.

Asuri Devaraja Perumal, born in the 13th century, became popular as Ayee Jananyacharya. The Lord of Melkote adored him like mother Yashodha, for his devoted service and addressed him as Ayee (Mother), as per legends. Since then, he was called as Ayee Swami or Jananyacharya. He taught the tenets of scriptures like Acharya Hridaym to well-known Saint Manavala Mamuni, who is believed to be the reincarnation of Swami Ramanuja. Ayee Swami took up Sanyasa and adorned Brindavanam at Melkote, after serving Cheluvanarayana for 105 years,” said Swami Ayee Narasimhan.

“This year, 2019, marks 675th Jayanthi of Asuri Devaraja Perumal. Thus we are celebrating his birth anniversary on November 28 and 29 as per his birth star, under the auspices of Jananyacharya Indological Research Foundation,” he said.