Mysuru kid campaigns against plastic

Mysuru kid campaigns against plastic

A love for animals made four-year-old Ishan Chetan launch a campaign against the use of plastic bags and to promote cloth and paper bags among shopkeepers.

Chetan, son of Assistant Commissioner of Commercial Taxes Shruthi Chetan, has been campaigning against banned plastic for a few months. He has visited as many as 70 shops in Sardar Vallabhai Patel Nagar, Alanahalli, Siddartha Layout, Rajkumar Road, Kuvempu Nagar, of the city to create awareness against the harmful effects of using plastics.

Chetan says, “Plastic is harmful for animals and environment will be polluted due to the use of plastic. The use of plastic may lead to health issues.”

Chetan was sensitised by his mother and he also gained information through social media. Once Chetan, who loves animals particularly cattle, was watching videos about animals in the social media.

He saw a cow falling ill due to consumption of plastic and asked his mother about the issue.

“I explained to him, how and why the cow fell ill. He asked what is the solution to tackle the plastic menace,” said Shruthi. Since Shruthi told him about the awareness drives, Ishan launched a campaign against the use of plastic.

Ishan attends kick-boxing and music classes. Either his mother or driver takes him to the classes.

On his way back home, he visits a few shops and asks the shopkeepers not to use plastic bags. He also distributes cloth and paper bags. His mother has purchased a few cloth and paper bags which Chetan distributes among shopkeepers. Chetan takes the bags and also maintains a book to get signatures of the shopkeepers.

Shruthi said her child’s activities are more important than anything for her and wants him to develop healthy habits.

As he is keen on animals and environment, his mother is just supporting him with necessary guidance. “Spending some Rs 100 for the bags is not a matter. I want my child to inculcate good and healthy qualities. What you sow, you reap. If we clean our surroundings today, our children will enjoy cleaner cities tomorrow,” she says.

Thejus Prasanna, a resident of Vijayanagar, who also participates in several eco-friendly drives, said, it is not an easy task to prepare a kid to conduct such activities.

“People with special interest can take up such drives regularly. Parents must educate their children about healthy activities. We can minimise the use of banned plastic. It would be more effective for children if schools and parents concentrate on educating children about plastic menace,” he said.