Severe water shortage in Mandya, tankers supply water

Severe water shortage in Mandya, tankers supply water

The water crisis has become a serious problem in the district.

More than 600 villages in the district are severely hit and water is being supplied to 100 villages through tankers.

The depleting water level in Krishnaraja Sagar (KRS) reservoir and the decreasing groundwater table, drying up of tanks and lakes and frequent power cuts are said to be the causes for the water crisis.

Water is being supplied through tankers to villagers reeling under severe water problem. Water is also being supplied from private borewells to other villages.

The scarcity of drinking water is reported from different parts of the district, including 80 villages in Nagamangala taluk.

Meanwhile, the Cauvery Neeravari Nigam authorities have decided to stop water supply to canals from KRS dam from May 8. This may leave the farmers worried.

Succumbing to the pressure of the farmers of the region, the authorities had released water into the canals from KRS dam from April 21. Thus, the lakes and ponds were filled with water and the borewells were rejuvenated, bringing the drinking water problem under check to a certain extent.

If the water supply to these canals is stopped, the borewells may go dry due to the rising temperature level.

Several villages are totally dependent on borewells for water. The current water level in the KRS dam is 84.79 ft and the farmers doubt the possibilities of getting water for the summer crop.

Mohan Kumar of Keelara village said it will become difficult for the farmers if the monsoon is delayed or fails. “The water level in the borewells has depleted to an alarming level. Now, the authorities have decided to stop releasing water to canals. If it happens, the villagers have to walk long distances to get drinking water,” 
he said.

However, a source in the Cauvery Neeravari Nigam said, “Water has been released in rotation method already for 18 days. As per the timetable, the water supply would be stopped on May 8. But the water can be released only after a decision is taken in the Irrigation Consultative Committee meeting”.

Mandya city also faces a shortage of drinking water as water is supplied once in two days in some of the areas. 


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