Usiru gives a new lease of life to addicts

Usiru gives a new lease of life to addicts

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Usiru, in the city, breathes a new lease of life into those addicted to smoke, alcohol and also narcotics.

Just a few years ago, the family members of Veena Desai Reddy underwent several hardships, mainly psychological, as one of her brothers was addicted to alcohol.

Following his rehabilitation at a de-addiction centre, Veena wanted something positive for the families that underwent similar hardships. So, she founded Usiru Foundation Trust and started the rehabilitation centre, four years ago.

Mother of a 20 plus youth, who underwent a course of treatment for narcotics, a few months back at Usiru centre, expressed that her son was doing well and was helping in the family business after the rehabilitation. She recalled how harrowing the days were, when her son suffered from addiction. “When I came across the details of Usiru rehabilitation centre on a website, I contacted them and admitted my son there. He was there for four months and returned as a reformed person,” she said, on condition of anonymity.

Veena said that the centre was initially started at Srirampura near the junction of HD Kote Road and Ring Road.

“Now, the centre is situated at University Layout, near Lingambhudipalya. We have a staff strength of five, including a counsellor and a nurse. We have a facility to accommodate 45 persons. We also avail the services of physician Dr Mohan and pyschiatrist Dr H S Venkatesh,” she said.

She said, “We rehabilitate addicts in the age group of 13 to 58 years, only men. However, the numbers are more in the range of 18 to 40 years. Thus, it is alarming as the youth, who are an asset to the nation and society, are mislead. They spoil their life and also that of their family members and the near ones. They get addicted due to personal problems, business loss and also work pressure. We are doing our mite to bring a smile on their face.”

Psychological treatment

N Chaitra, the counsellor, said, “The treatment is mainly psychological. Medical care or administration of drugs is allowed only on prescription by doctors, for any illness. When the individual comes for rehabilitation voluntarily, the process is a bit different, as we can expect their cooperation. But, some persons come here without any understanding of the circumstances.”

“The rehabilitation package is usually for 90 days. But, it may exceed by another 30 days or 60 days, depending on the response and cooperation of the individual,” she said.

“To develop a sense of responsibility and leadership, we encourage the seniors at the centre to monitor new entrants. The activities include yoga, meditation and counselling. They do their own cleaning and washing. We monitor their activities round the clock,” she said.

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