Winter sets in Mysuru

Chilly days: Children brave the morning chill by lighting up fire on the outskirts of Mysuru on Thursday.DH photo / Savitha B R

The nip in the air and the dip in mercury levels have made it official that the winter has set in Mysuru.

December being the coldest month of the year, the city has recorded the lowest temperature for three days.

The temperature dropped to 11 degree Celsius on December 19, the lowest in the last seven years. However, the lowest temperature was 8.7 degree Celsius, that was recorded on December 28, 2011.

It was overall cloudy on Thursday (December 20) and the minimum temperature was 16.6 degree Celsius and the maximum 28.7 degree Celsius, according to the weather reports. Though it is warm and sunny in the afternoon, the weather is chilly in the morning and is likely to continue for three more days, weather experts said.

According to Indian Meteorological Department, the winter season in Mysuru is from December to February.

Winter in Mysuru is cool with temperatures ranging from a minimum of 16 degree Celsius to a maximum of 27 degree Celsius and there is a vast difference between the minimum and maximum temperature.

It is also the best time for the tourists to visit the city as it is cool and pleasant. This pleasant decline in temperature and humidity level makes the city winsome and more loving.

The minimum temperature on December 17 was 12.4 degree Celsius and maximum 29.3 degree Celsius. December 18 - 11.2 degree and 30 degree Celsius and December 19 recorded a minimum of 11 degree Celsius and a maximum of 30.7 degree Celsius. On December 20 it was 16.6 degree and 28.7 degree Celsius respectively.

The district administration has decided to pull in more tourists to the city this winter during the Christmas season and has organised the Winter Festival, which begins from December 22 and will continue till the New Year.

A lot of activities have been planned in the city during the year-end, which is sure to keep the people engaged during the Christmas holidays.

It is also the time when the sale of woollen garments is at its peak. The roadside vendors selling jerkins, jackets at every nook and corner of the city are also doing good business.

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