Nose job on baby Srinivasa

Nose job on baby Srinivasa

Srinivasa is recovering after the nose job. Doctors at the City-based Sparsh Hospital conducted a reconstructive surgery of Srinivasa’s nose on March 3.

The boy, now one-and-half-years-old, should look normal again. 

According to doctors, Srinivasa's age was his biggest advantage. As the nose skin needed to be of a specific texture and colour, it was taken from the forehead. The doctors removed the scarred skin from the nose and sculpted the skin into the shape of the nose and attached it in place of the scarred skin. The new skin would then get attached to the nose to ensure that blood is properly supplied in time.

However, the connecting bridge will remain divided as of now. According to the doctors, the swelling of the nose will decrease in a few months and will gradually develop its own shape. A minor surgery to give a final shape to the nose could also be performed after six months.  
Dr Ashok Koul, chief of plastic surgery, said, “This procedure is normally carried out on cancer patients and, in rare cases, on accident victims. Rarely has this operation been performed on a person as young as Srinivasa.” Dr Koul and his team operated Srinivasa.

But Srinivasa’s life wouldn’t have reached this stage, if were not rescued from the bin by a Bangalore University employee, Mala. She had rushed him to a nearby hospital, where he slowly recovered. The boy was later adopted by Mala herself.

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