Opposition to CAA 'political', says Ram Madhav

Opposition to CAA 'political', says Ram Madhav

Ram Madhav. PTI File photo

Dubbing the opposition to Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Population Register as ‘political’, BJP national general secretary Ram Madhav has urged BJP leaders and party workers to stay resilient and back the ‘humane’ legislation.

Addressing a workshop on CAA for BJP legislators and party workers, he said that the only problem among those opposed to the legislation was that it benefited Hindus, who have been discriminated against in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Dismissing allegations that CAA violated Article 14 of the Constitution, Ram Madhav said that the Act was not a violation of Article 14, but a special arrangement made for the welfare of a few communities.

“The Act is lucid and clear. Yet, a controversy was created over the Act due to which lives of innocent and not so innocent people were lost,” he said.

Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa said that the Act was humanitarian in nature and all opposition to it was ‘inhumane’. He accused the Congress leaders of generating fear among minorities by spreading rumours that they will be deported for lack of documents. “This is a blatant lie being spread by the Congress,” he added.