Politics has hit all-time low, says Parameshwara

Politics has hit all-time low, says Parameshwara

Deputy Chief Minister G Parameshwara. DH file photo

In an interesting twist, the Congress, which made a desperate bid at covering up the Eagleton Resort drunken brawl involving its MLAs, is now singing a different tune.

Though the party had belatedly taken action by suspending Kampli MLA J N Ganesh for grievously injuring Vijayanagara MLA Anand Singh, it had not publicly censured the former.

On Wednesday however, three days after the incident, Deputy Chief Minister G Parameshwara condemned Ganesh for his conduct. Stating that politics had hit an "all-time low," he said that such incidents would drive youngsters away from politics. 

"I have been in politics for the last 30 years and I had never seen it (politics) reaching such a low point. It should not have happened. I am anxious that we are losing political values. What kind of an example are we setting for the future generation? Ganesh is a youngster. Anand Singh to is relatively a youngster. But if we ourselves resort to such behaviour, what will we tell the youngsters? If we show that this is what politics is all about, then nobody will join politics. We should be faultless in public life. But now I feel we are losing our values,” he added.

When asked if Ganesh was absconding, Parameshwara said, “Police will find him today or tomorrow. They have to find him because the FIR has already been registered and the investigation has begun. I’m sure police will find him and take necessary action according to law. The party has already taken action. It has also set up an enquiry committee. He has been suspended,” said Parameshwara, who is heading the probe team to look into the resort episode.

To a question on six of his party MLAs have decided to quit and join the BJP, Parameshwara said, “We have not come across any such thing at the moment. It’s all speculation. If somebody has told us, we are quitting the party, then it’s okay. We will take the required steps,” he added.