Pastoral paintings beautify Mandya railway station

Pastoral paintings beautify Mandya railway station

A painting highlights the importance of conserving nature, at Mandya railway station.

The city railway station which was once untidy and an eyesore, has been transformed into an attractive place with beautiful paintings that highlight the pastoral culture of the district.

Basic amenities needed by rail passengers have been upgraded. Flower pots placed on the premises beautify the place and attract passengers. Railway authorities have also taken measures to maintain cleanliness and hygiene at the railway station.

The caption of a painting that highlights the sugarcane harvest reads ‘Sakkare Nadu’ (land of sugar). This is the cynosure of eyes at the station.

Paintings on Yakshagana, farmer transplanting paddy and local temples enrich the place. 

Paintings on Swachcha Bharat Abhiyan and eco-conservation themes abound. Other paintings depicting coconut and sugarcane cultivation and a farmer woman using a mobile phone greet visitors. 

Certain pictures can be seen from the platform itself. Special lighting is provided to ensure that paintings are visible even at night.

Though the tender was floated by the Bengaluru central office, local artists have been given the opportunity to paint.

Mandya station manager Muniaiah said that the paintings depicting pastoral life now greet visitors at Mandya City, Maddur and Pandavapura stations also.