Photoshopped US dollar with Ambedkar portrait

Photoshopped US dollar with Ambedkar portrait

A few activists are involved in spreading an image of a photoshopped US dollar, claiming that the USA has honoured B R Ambedkar, while India has not yet realised his worth.

Venkatagiriyaiah, an activist and farmer in Mandya, had posted the image on his Facebook wall on Thursday with comments ‘...Prabhudatheyatha America, anagarikatheyalle munduvarida Bharatha’. It meant, while the US is progressing towards maturity, India is still an uncivilised state. However, Venkatagiriyaiah has later removed his post. But, such posts are still in circulation on various social media platforms, such as WhatsApp.

A researcher at the Centre for the Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy, University of Mysore, said, all people, not just those belonging to the Scheduled Caste communities, are proud of Ambedkar. “So, Ambedkar should not be used to defame India. He was a great scholar. Thus the whole world admired him. He should not be used to divide the people,” he said.

A member of the UoM Research Students Association said, Ambedkar and many other great men have always strived for the development of the nation, in their own way. “No great men have ever tried to defame our nation for any reason. All of them have had the highest regard for the nation. That is why, they strived for the overall development of the society. They have explored ways and means to bring the people of the oppressed and disadvantaged classes to the mainstream. Their objective was to promote equality for all. Under the guise of glorifying a leader, we should not defame our nation,” he said.

A convenor of Dalit Vidyarthi Okkoota said, “The government has a policy for printing of portraits on currency notes. We have regarded Mahatma Gandhi as our ‘Father of the Nation’. So, we have his portrait on the currency notes. It is not that only his portrait should be printed. We can have portraits of other leaders, but, we need a policy formulated for this. This is not an easy job.” “The government should formulate a policy that is acceptable for all political parties and all sections of the people. If the portrait of one leader is printed, there will be demands from various sections for consideration of portraits of other leaders. There are many great leaders. But, the issue should not divide the people on the lines of faith, religion and caste. So, we should exhibit restraint. We should not unnecessarily defame our nation,” he said.