Plan afoot to insure Kanakagiri temple car

Plan afoot to insure Kanakagiri temple car

Kanakachalapathy Ratha.

The Religious Endowment department is planning to get the chariot of the historic Kanakachalapati temple of Kanakagiri insured.

The 78-foot-tall ratha is said to be the tallest temple car in South India. As per the available records, the temple car was built 400 years back. But for the wheels, the ratha has retained its original structure.

The department is willing to pay a premium of Rs 25,000 per annum. In case of any accident to ratha, the department will get insurance amount in crores.
Also, the insurance will cover the devotees,
who die or get injured due to an accident during rathotsava.

The department is in talks with the representatives of an insurance company from Hosapete. A final decision will be taken in a week’s time, says Chief Administrative Officer C S Chandramouli.