‘Poison’ in prasada could be Rogor insecticide

‘Poison’ in prasada could be Rogor insecticide

It is now almost certain that it was ‘Rogor insecticide’ which was mixed with the ‘prasada’.

On Friday night, the doctors administered atropine sulfate to most of the patients admitted to various hospitals across the city. The victims of the poison-laced ‘prasada’ are responding well to the drug, it is said.

Atropine sulfate is usually administered to those who have consumed organophosphorus. The organophosphorus combination is found in rogor. Thus, doctors suspect that the poison is rogor.

Post-mortem of three persons, who breathed their last in the hospitals in Mysuru, has been conducted and the samples have been sent to the forensic science lab and histopathology lab for tests. As the stomach wash was conducted while treating the patients, confirmation tests are difficult as traces of the chemicals will not be available. Tests of samples from those who died before the stomach wash will give better results, experts say.

One bottle of rogor mixed with the ‘prasada’ would not have had such devastating effects. The quantity may be huge, experts said.