Poor condition of road raising a trail of dusty woes

Poor condition of road raising a trail of dusty woes

The road from Abhishek Circle to Ring Road in Hebbal Second Stage is in a pathetic condition. Commuting on this road has become an ordeal for road users as it is in a dilapidated condition and also due to the dust that rises from vehicles.

As it is a prominent connecting road, thousands of vehicles, including city buses ply on it. There are schools, companies, factories and various business establishments in the vicinity and a lot of people use the road. Although people had staged protests, demanding repair of the road, the authorities concerned have not taken any steps to repair it.

Several pedestrians, including schoolchildren, cover their face to avoid dust. Shopkeepers sprinkle water on the stretch of road in front their shops and cover the front portion with plastic sheets to avoid dust.

Hemanth Mallik, who works for a private bike taxi aggregator, said, “I often use this road. Due to its pathetic situation, it has become difficult, especially to ride a two-wheeler. Since several months, the road has been in a bad condition, but the authorities concerned have not taken any step to repair it.” Rajendra, an employee of a mobile shop which is covered with a transparent plastic sheet, said, “Though the public had staged a protest against the condition of the road, the authorities have not taken any initiative to repair it.”

“To avoid dust from entering the shop, we have covered the front portion of the shop with a transparent plastic sheet,” he said.

Harshavardhan, a tea seller at Abhishek Circle Bus Stop, near CITB Choultry Main Road, said, “Dust that rises due to vehicles is creating problems for people. We are finding it difficult to do business due to the dust. It is also creating breathing problems.”