Post-expansion, KPCC chief warns dissidents

Post-expansion, KPCC chief warns dissidents

KPCC president Dinesh Gundu Rao on Saturday spelt out clearly that the party would not tolerate any “anti-party” activities, warning dissidents of consequences if they do.

“This is a coalition government. The Cabinet has limited positions. We have to balance various factors like district and caste,” Rao said. He also maintained that seniors had enough representation in the Cabinet. “All the inductees are legislators who’ve been elected two-five times,” he said.

Rao said the Congress will evaluate the performance of incumbent ministers soon after the Lok Sabha polls next year. “The performers will be encouraged further and the non-performers will be dealt with. After two years, there’ll be a rotation,” he said.

Municipalities Minister Ramesh Jarkiholi was dropped from the Cabinet because of his inability to carry out his functions. “In the last two-three months, Ramesh wasn’t attending Cabinet meetings or those in the district he was in charge of, for various reasons. He had expressed difficulty,” Rao said.

Forest Minister R Shankar, who belongs to the Karnataka Pragnavanta Janata Paksha, was also dropped. “We wanted him to become a member of the Congress. But for some reasons, he hasn’t joined our party. There were other pressures also,” Rao said.Shankar, however, expressed anger at being dropped. “I’ve been used and discarded. They needed me when they wanted to form the government. I don’t know why I’ve been dropped,” he told reporters. It is said Shankar did not join the Congress so as to keep his options open.