Pvt school kids are parrots, computers: Edu Minister

Pvt school kids are parrots, computers: Edu Minister

N Mahesh. DH file photo

Children studying in private schools are “parrots” and “computers” because they only repeat what is taught, Primary and Secondary Education Minister N Mahesh remarked on Wednesday.

“They are like parrots. They simply repeat what their teachers teach and that is considered as intelligence,” he said. He was speaking at a Teacher’s Day event here.

“But teachers and students in government schools share a bond because they converse in local languages and dialects, which creates intimacy that can never happen in a private school,” he said, claiming that the observation was based on his experience.

Mahesh said students in private schools are subjected to more pressure compared to government schools. “That’s why they become parrots and computers. Such a child will grow up to become selfish and will not contribute much to society.”