Rains lash Bellary, Koppal districts

Rains lash Bellary, Koppal districts

Rains lash Bellary, Koppal districts

Heavy rain lashed parts of Bellary and Koppal districts on Tuesday night and Wednesday bringing respite for the farmers who were fearing crop loss due to scanty rains.

There was no sign of rain in Koppal district though various parts of the State witnessed heavy showers.

While Tungabhadra reservoir filled to the brim following copious rains in the catchment areas, there was not even a trace of rain in Yalaburga and Kushtagi taluks.

However, incessant rains over the past three days has rekindled the hopes of farmers.

Betageri, Hiresindogi, Kavalur and Kataraki in Koppal taluk have received good rains.

Agriculture has picked pace with tanks filling up to the brim. Kushtagi has received 80 mm of rainKoppal town also received heavy rain. Two vehicles were stuck in muck on the main road.


Farmers in Kampli taluk heaved a sigh of relief after it rained heavily on Tuesday night.

Sunflower, tur and other crops sown in the taluk were withering away for want of rain.

Vast tracts of paddy field near Ramasagara village is inundated with rain water. The taluk received 25 mm of rain on Tuesday night.


Normal life was disrupted in Naragund town of Gadag district as it rained for more than an hour on Wednesday evening.Water had gushed into low-lying areas following heavy rains on Monday.


Movement of vehicles on Talikote-Hadaginala route in Bijapur district was affected as Doni bridge was under water. While heavy vehicles managed to cross the bridge, students had to take a circuitous route to reach their schools and colleges.


Intermittent rain continued to lash some parts of the district on Wednesday. Hosanagar, Shimoga, Bhadravathi, some parts of Sorab and Thirthahalli received rain in the evening for about 20 minutes. Some parts of the district received good spell of rain on Tuesday night. However, there has been no drastic rise in water level of various dams across the district.