Rampaging bull sends woman somersaulting

Rampaging bull sends woman somersaulting

A bull belonging to Kottureshwara Temple goes on a rampage and tosses a woman into the air in Kottur, Ballari district.

Some tense moments were witnessed in the town when an ageing bull, donated by devotees as part of their vow to Kottureshwara Temple, went berserk attacking people on Friday.

The bull attacked several people and sent a woman somersaulting in the air. A few passersby diverted the attention of the bull as the woman ran to safety.
The bovine chased two-wheelers and gored riders and pillion riders.


Panic-stricken people informed the police, Kottur Temple management and veterinary doctor Dr Raviprakash Kittur about the temple bull cutting loose. Dr Kittur rushed to the spot and tranquillized the bull with a shot.

Hundreds of bovines donated by the devotees to the temple wander the streets of Kottur, posing a grave threat to the people.

Goshala sought

The residents have urged the temple management to expedite the construction of Goshala on Itigi Road and shift the animals to the shleter home.