Satheesh Chandran: LDF will win in Kasargod

Satheesh Chandran: LDF will win in Kasargod

K P Satheesh Chandran

Election campaign has reached its in the Kasargod Lok Sabha constituency, where polling will be held on April 23.

In Kasargod, the issues related to Sabarimala, Periya double murder, and Malayalam language being made mandatory in Kannada medium schools haunt the people.

In spite of this, the Left Democratic Front (LDF) candidate is confident of winning the election supported by the government’s tough stand on communalism, the development works initiated in the state in the last three years, a corruption-free administration and a progressive stand on equality between men and women. The Kasargod constituency has been a strong fort of the LDF for several decades now.

This year, the LDF has fielded K P Satheesh Chandran, CPM Kasargod district secretary, who had served as two-time MLA of Trikaripura Assembly constituency. He spoke to DH ahead of the polls.

How is your campaign going on?

I have already completed three rounds of campaign in seven Assembly constituencies coming under Kasargod Lok Sabha constituency. I have also spent at least three days in each constituency and met more than three lakh voters. I am confident of victory as I am much ahead of my main opponents UDF candidate Rajmohan Unnithan and NDA candidate Ravish Tantri Kuntaru. In fact, I am confident of a record margin victory.

The UDF is stronger in the constituency compared to previous polls. What is your view on this?

I do not consider UDF candidate as a strong rival. Whoever be the UDF candidate, the LDF performance will not be affected as voters are committed to the LDF. Our votes will not be divided.

I am known to the residents in every nook and corner of the constituency.

Will the Modi wave get a positive response in Kerala?

The charisma of Narendra Modi has declined. Modi will not become prime minister again. Senior BJP leaders too are against Modi. There is a need to end maladministration of Modi, who has been following the ‘Divide And Rule’ policy in the country.

The Centre has been accusing of not responding to Kerala when floods wrecked havoc last year. Will the people react to it in the election?

The Centre has failed to extend financial assistance when Kerala was hit by floods. It did not come to the rescue of the people. NRIs from Kerala joined hands with the government. In a bid to build a new Kerala, the state government has implemented several welfare programmes.

Modi has been neglecting Kerala. There is a need to check Modi from coming to power as he has not helped Keralites during flood.

Will the Sabarimala issue help BJP secure votes?

The BJP had followed a dual policy when it comes to the Sabarimala issue. The issue is being used for a political purpose. The people, however, have understood the BJP’s dual policy.

The LDF was silent when Malayalam was imposed on Kannada medium students. What is your opinion on this?

Measures will be taken to protect the rights of the Kannada-speaking minorities in Kasargod. The government has concern for the linguistic minorities. Sitting MP P Karunakaran had demanded the inclusion of Tulu in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution of the Parliament.

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