SC/ST promotions: DyCM slams Cabinet colleagues

SC/ST promotions: DyCM slams Cabinet colleagues

Deputy Chief Minister G Parameshwara on Monday publicly hit out at his colleagues in the H D Kumaraswamy-led Cabinet on the issue of reservations in promotions.

“Don’t be surprised if SC/STs don’t get justice under the quota in promotion law,” Parameshwara said. “The issue has been discussed seven times in the Cabinet. Does it require that many discussions to implement a law? You can imagine the mindset of our Cabinet colleagues,” he said.

Parameshwara was speaking at a discussion on challenges faced by the Constitution and democracy organised by the Chalavadi Mahasabha here.

Parameshwara, a dalit, was referring to the Karnataka Extension of Consequential Seniority to Government Servants Promoted on the Basis of Reservation (to the post in the civil services of the state) Act, 2017. The law was passed in November 2017 to circumvent the February 2017 Supreme Court judgement, striking down reservation in promotions, affecting thousands of SC/ST employees.

“We’re still untouchables. We aren’t recognised as members of Scheduled Castes. In such a situation, we have to organise ourselves or else it’ll be difficult,” he said.

Parameshwara repeated his claim that he was prevented from becoming chief minister because he was a dalit.

“Basavalingappa and K H Ranganath were cheated from becoming CM. Mallikarjuna Kharge missed the opportunity thrice. I also missed the chance twice. When I said this last time, it became a big issue and went till the party high command. But I still stand by what I’ve said,” he said.