Siddaramaiah’s behaviour threat to govt: Horatti

Siddaramaiah’s behaviour threat to govt: Horatti


MLC Basavaraj Horatti on Thursday charged that Coalition Coordination Committee chairman Siddaramaiah was acting like a chief minister taking decisions unilaterally, and if the situation continues, the government may not last long.

Speaking to media persons here, Horatti said, “It seems Siddaramaiah does not want this government to continue.”

“The Congress leaders are now not adhering to the coalition principles. They have no respect for the JD(S). Deve Gowda has made his displeasure known to the Congress leadership on the arbitrary ways of their party leaders,” Horatti said.

“Chief Minister Kumaraswamy is trying hard to make adjustments with the coalition partner. But the Congress is not letting him run the administration smoothly. The government should be run as per the agreement, or there is no need for it,” Horatti added.

“No legislator from the JD(S) or the Congress will resign. Only the Congress can bring down the government. Minister C Puttarangashetty says that Siddaramaiah is their ‘chief minister’, and how such a party without discipline can run the government,” he said.