Sirsi college 'hammer' home importance of mobile ban

Sirsi college 'hammer' home importance of mobile ban

Principal of MES Chaitanya PU College, Sirsi, Prof R M Bhat delivers a lecture on the ill-effects of excessive mobile phone use in the college on Thursday.

Mobile phones crushed with a hammer in Sirsi college after a few students brought them to college despite the ban. The video of mobiles being hammered has gone viral in the region. (Sirsi)

The management of MES Chaitanya PU College on Thursday hammered home a point by crushing the mobile phones of the students, who violated ban order, with a hammer. The footage of principal Prof R M Bhat hammering two mobile phones has gone viral in social media.

On Thursday, following the complaints that several students are still bringing mobile phones to college despite the ban, the staff found that a few students were carrying mobiles and recovered them. The principal then crushed two mobile phones with a hammer in front of the students.

He then delivered a lecture, along with the audio-visual presentation, on adverse effects of excessive mobile phone use.

Prof Bhat told DH, "Mobile phones are banned in our college. Several students used to bring their cellphones to college despite the repeated warning. Hence, this action."