Unsubmitted internal scores: 34 schools may face action

Unsubmitted internal scores: 34 schools may face action

The Class 10 results of as many as 34 schools in the state could be withheld as principals of the said schools have failed to submit the internal assessment scores to the Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board (KSEEB).

Friday was the deadline for schools to submit internal assessment scores of students to the board. These scores are later compiled by the board along with the theory exam scores.

Sumangala, director, KSEEB, said, out of 14,288 schools, 34 have not updated their internal scores. As a penalty for the same, the Board is now contemplating on withholding the results of students of the schools in question.

School principals ought to submit internal assessment scores while it is the responsibility of the Block Education Officers (BEOs) and Deputy Directors of Public Instruction (DDPIs) to oversee it, she added.

“This shows absolute disregard for the norms by the schools. Even BEOs being unable to prude these schools to give the results is nothing but an administrative lapse,” said an official from KSEEB.

Internal assessment scores are given in two parts - A and B. For the six core subjects that students write, 80% of the scores are from the written exam that students take. Another 20% is to be submitted by schools.

Schools are expected to give students four projects subject-wise at various intervals in the year, and evaluate against a certain score. This is to be converted to a score of 20 at the end of the year and marks are to be derived.

Meanwhile, in Part B of the assessment, students are given grades from A+ to C+ taking into consideration various factors such as activities, attendance, physical education, horticulture, discipline, uniforms and others.

H K Manjunath, president of Karnataka State High School Assistant Teachers Association, said that they had approached the department on Thursday and sought an extension of the deadline. “There are several schools where teachers have no access to internet and a few others have had confusions while entering it online. Also, this is a clerical work and an additional responsibility for teachers.”

Harshitha, a parent, said, “If schools have not submitted results, why students should suffer for no fault of theirs. Take disciplinary action against schools.”

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