St Agnes launches e-magazine ‘AgneSwara’

St Agnes launches e-magazine ‘AgneSwara’

Dr Austin Prabhu, editor of ‘Veez Konkani – Illustrated Weekly International’ e-magazine, speaks after launching ‘AgneSwara’, the e-magazine of St Agnes College.

‘AgneSwara’, the e-magazine of St Agnes College, was launched by Dr Austin Prabhu, former district governor of District 1 A (USA), on the College campus.

Dr Prabhu, who is also the editor of ‘Veez Konkani – Illustrated Weekly International’ e-magazine, spoke on how e-magazines can be used as effective tools of communication.

“Communication is very important in this era. We can use it for good or bad. It is crucial to understand how and when to communicate,” he reminded.

He advised the students to be disciplined in whatever they do to achieve success. “While social media is an excellent means to express oneself, it is important to learn how to use the various social media platforms effectively,” he told them.

College principal Sr Dr Jeswina said, “AgneSwara is the voice of this institution. It aims to be a window of St Agnes College, giving the world a glimpse of the vibrant life at the institution. e-magazine is an excellent method to document various programmes held by different departments, achievements of the faculties and students,” she said.

Digital launch

The launch of ‘AgneSwara’ was done digitally by Dr Prabhu.

Dr Prabhu, who has a street named after him in the US, was felicitated on the occasion.