State to soon have non-solar renewable energy policy

State to soon have non-solar renewable energy policy

Karnataka will soon have its own non-solar renewable energy policy 2018-2022, Srinivasappa, general manager-tech, Karnataka Renewable Energy Development Limited, has said.

Speaking to DH, he said a draft is pending before the government for clearance since December and is likely to be announced by March. Unlike the solar policy, where a quantum for generation was set, in this case a consolidated potential has not been set.

In the draft, however, the estimated potential of wind, waste to energy, biomass and mini hydel have been mentioned. It says wind has a potential of 5,500 MW and so far, 4,747 MW has been commissioned. A potential of 1,000 MW in biomass energy generation has been shown, of which only 134 MW has been realised. A potential of 135 MW for waste-to-energy has been mentioned in the draft, of which nothing has been commissioned so far. The draft mentions there is a potential to generate 3,100 MW from mini-hydel resources, of which only 63 MW has been commissioned.

Srinivasappa said though waste is the largest resource for generating energy, so far nothing has been done. Talks were held with the BBMP a year ago. A proposal was made to set up a plant in Magadi and the cost of generation was fixed at Rs 7.05 per unit. But it has still not been commissioned.

He said energy generation from bio-mass is also seasonal as it depends on raw materials like rice husk, coconut husk and groundnut husk. When raw materials cost more during non-season, production drops. It comes to a halt even in Hiriyur, which has a 25 MW plant. With such scenarios, a policy will be helpful, he added.