Swaraj India party releases poll manifesto

Swaraj India party releases poll manifesto

H S Doreswamy at Karnataka Assembly Election manifesto of Swaraj India. Credit: Twitter/@dputtannaiah

Freedom fighter and anti-corruption crusader H S Doreswamy released Swaraj India party’s election manifesto here on Thursday.  

The manifesto talks of protecting natural resources like forests, lakes and rivers, besides encouraging the use of bamboo, and the promotion of jaggery.

After releasing the manifesto, which is in Kannada, Doreswamy said politicians would go to any extent to attain power and money. “Money is ruling the roost in politics. For money, people are being killed. For money, the country’s natural resources are being looted.”

He said that the manifesto provided a space for alternative ways of thinking.

Writer Devanur Mahadeva said Swaraj India was looking for possibilities that encompass an organic and holistic perspective. “It is a manifesto for the people. As citizens, we need to take up the responsibility of preserving our environment.”