Taps in Gadag go dry for three weeks

Taps in Gadag go dry for three weeks

In each ward, the residents wait for hours in serpentine queues to get their share of water, which is not more than a bucket or two of water. Most residents have to walk several miles in scorching sun in search of water for their domestic needs.

The river Tungabhadra, the sole source of water to the town, has dried up and the residents in and around 18 villages, including Betageri and Mundaragi, depend on unclean water collected in the pits.   

Deputy Commissioner S Shankaranarayana told Deccan Herald that the city would get water from the Bhadra reservoir on Friday. Water from the reservoir had been released and had reached Hammigi barrage and it would be supplied to Korlahalli on Thursday night.
But, the residents will believe him only after they see the water.

Their scepticism is wellfounded as a similar promise has been made rover the last 10 days by elected representatives and officers, that 1.5 tmc water released from the Bhadra reservoir would be supplied to them through the pumping station in Korlahalli, but to no avail.

District in-charge minister C C Patil had assured the residents that the water would supplied in time for Ugadi. But not a single drop of water has been supplied three days after the festival.