Terrace gardening with discarded fridge cases

Terrace gardening with discarded fridge cases

Vegetables are cultivated using discarded refrigerator cases at Sayyed Madani Urdu Higher Primary School and High School, Halekote, Ullal.

The Sayyed Madani Urdu Higher Primary School and High School, Halekote in Ullal, has raised a terrace garden using discarded refrigerator cases.

In order to create awareness about paddy cultivation among students, the school has also cultivated paddy on terrace as well.

“It has been an enriching experience for students, who have involved themselves in watering and nurturing plants under the guidance of teachers and an expert farmer,” Headmaster K M K Manjanady told DH.

“Progressive farmer Vijay Kumar Uliya motivated us to take up paddy cultivation on the terrace this year,” he added.

Fridge cases

The vegetables are cultivated using discarded refrigerator cases in the previous year also. “We purchased such cases from scrap dealers in Mangaluru, who normally dump them or recycle them. Instead of recycling the cases, we decided to use them for cultivating vegetables. Besides enriched soil, we use only organic manure to grow the vegetables,” Manjanady said.

Speaking further, he said, “We procured a metal sheet from an exhibition at Kadri Park a year ago and used it for paddy cultivation. The sheet prevented water from seeping into the classrooms. The paddy was harvested by the students along with Ullal CMC Commissioner Rayappa and the teachers.”

Vegetables like ladies finger, brinjal, Malabar spinach, amaranth, sambar cucumber, ridge gourd and long yard beans are also cultivated on the terrace.

Healthy food

“The garden gives us healthy, pesticide-free vegetables, which are used in the preparation of midday meals. We are planning to double the cultivation of vegetables on the terrace,” said the headmaster.

“The children enjoy the whole process of watering the plants, manuring it, and watching the growth of the plants daily. They are thrilled to no end when the plants start flowering,” Manjanady said with a smile.

The headmaster added, “We are keen that our children learn the source of rice and its cultivation. We believe that learning farming skills not only makes them understand the process of agriculture but also helps in engaging children in fruitful activities It is also an attempt to revive paddy cultivation, which is fast disappearing owing to urbanisation.”