Manmohan was remote-controlled by Sonia: Modi

Manmohan was remote-controlled by Sonia: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi. DH Photo

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that though Dr Manmohan Singh was the prime minister for 10 years, he was remotely controlled by former UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi from No. 10 Janpath in New Delhi. But BJP's remote control is the people of the nation he added. 

The PM alleged that Congress was not pro-Dalit but 'pro-deal'. The outcome of this election was not about merely winning and losing, but the next five years of development of Karnataka, he added. 

Highlights of PM's speech

* The people very well know Congress culture, ideology and their ministers. They have rejected the party in many parts of the country. It is Karnataka's turn now. Congress has lost in Maharashtra, Goa, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. 

* The people of the country are angry with dynastic rule. Congress rule in Karnataka for the last five years has ruined the state through communalism, casteism, corruption, crime and award of contracts. Constitutional rights were ignored.     

* Congress people become corrupt the moment they acquire power. They deem that winning elections is an opportunity to promote their kin. Now there is an opportunity for the state to experience honest politics. 

* For BJP, the high command is the people of the state. 

* Congress party was born with a golden spoon. They don't understand the poor of the country. If I build toilets for the poor, they go around alleging that I am anti-poor and pro-rich.

* Rahul Gandhi says he wants to become PM when there are so many experienced politicians. Is that not arrogance? Will the country accept such immaturity? 

*There was a time when Congress flags were flying high in more than 400 places in each constituency during elections. Now that has come down to 40. 

 * I have not alleged that deals have been made; veteran Congressman Veerappa Moily said so. Congress has struck deals in allotment of tickets for the sake of one family and has tacit understanding with other parties.