A full CM term - hit ya miss?

A full CM term - hit ya miss?

B S Yeddyurappa at the ceremony where he was sworn in as Karnataka Chief Minister on May 17, 2018. Credit: DH/PV photos

B S Yeddyurappa was sworn in as Chief Minister of Karnataka on May 17, 2018. And now, the BJP has to prove its strength on the floor of the House on Saturday, May 18. Many analysts are making predictions on whether Yeddyurappa's latest tenure will be able to endure.

Most of the chief ministers throughout Karnataka history have failed to reach the elusive five-year milestone. Siddaramaiah recently became the first Karnataka chief minister in 40 years to serve a full five-year term. DH looks back at prominent ones that made it and some that didn't.

K. Chengalaraya Reddy

K. Chengalaraya Reddy (1947-1952) (4 years, 157 days) (Indian National Congress): Reddy was at the forefront of the Mysore Chalo movement seeking responsible governance in Mysore State. He went on to become the first Chief Minister of Mysore and served in the position from 1947 to 1952.

S. Nijalingappa

S. Nijalingappa (1956-1958) (1 year, 197 days) (1962–1968) (5 years, 342 days) (Indian National Congress): Nijalingappa has been called the 'maker of modern Karnataka'. He was the first and fourth Chief Minister of state of Mysore (after reorganisation of the states) and completed five years as part of two different governments. 

D. Devaraj Urs

D. Devaraj Urs (1972–1977) (5 years, 286 days) (1978–1980) (1 year, 313 days) (Indian National Congress & breakaway factions): Urs served a full five-year term and then did the unthinkable.He was the only chief minister in the history of the state to have been re-elected in 1978. He is remembered for land reforms in the state and helping Indira Gandhi with her re-election from Chikkamangaluru.

S. M. Krishna

S. M. Krishna (1999–2004) (4 years, 230 days) (Indian National Congress, Bhartiya Janata Party & Praja Socialist Party): Krishna led the Congress party to victory in the 1999 assembly polls and took over as Karnataka Chief Minister. He is known for power reforms and digitization of land records.
B. S. Yeddyurappa (2007) (7 days) (2008–2011) (3 years, 62 days) (Bharatiya Janata Party, Karnataka Janata Paksha): Yeddyurappa has a colourful CM history. He cut a dealwith  H. D. Kumaraswamy to divide the CM post for 20 months each.Disagreements led to the toppling of the Kumaraswamy government and a 7-day stint for Yeddyurappa as the chief minister. He returned to power again in 2008. However, indictments and central leadership pressure caused him to resign in 2011.  And now, he has returned as the leader of the single largest party in the Assembly with104 seats in the House. Yeddyurappa took the oath once again on May 17, 2018.


Siddaramaiah (2013 – 2018) (5 years, 3 days) (Janata Dal (Secular), Indian National Congress): Siddaramaiah led the Congress party to victory with an absolute majority of 122/224 seats in the 2013 Legislative Assembly election. He resigned on May 15, 2018, and became the first Karnataka chief minister to serve a full five-year term in 40 years.