HC seeks details of overstaying foreign nationals

HC seeks details of overstaying foreign nationals

The Karnataka High Court on Wednesday directed the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) to give a report to the state government about the number of foreign nationals overstaying in the state after the expiry of their visa period. The report should also include details of foreign nationals who are absconding post their visa expiry.

Justice Aravind Kumar was hearing a petition filed by a Congo national seeking quashing of the criminal proceedings initiated against him.

The court also orally observed that in many cases citizens of other countries who arrive on student visas - especially students from the countries of Tanzania, Congo, Cambodia and others - have continued to stay despite the expirty of their visa. Many of them are involved in narcotic drugs cases and were a threat to national security .

The petitioner submitted that on February 5, 2017, a suo motu complaint was registered against him and three others  alleging that the accused had not renewed their visa and their overstay was illegal, attracting the penal provisions of 14 and 14(C) of the Foreigners Act. Thereafter the petitioner and other accused were arrested and later were released on bail. Later, the police also filed a charge sheet in the case, which was challenged by the petitioner.

The petitioner has also contended that despite filing of the charge sheet , the magistrate had not framed charges and commenced trial as the first accused was absconding and has never appeared before the court. As a result of this the petitioner was able to return to his home country since the trial had been pending for the last two years.

The court adjourned the case to April 5.