Higher edu dept seeks budgetary allocation of Rs 3k cr

Higher education department seeks additional budgetary allocation of Rs 3,000 crore

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Karnataka is one of the most sought-after destination for higher education, but the budgetary allocation for the sector over the years has been dismal compared to other states.

Funds allocated to higher education in 2017-18 budget was far less compared to states like Maharashtra, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar and Odisha. This was brought to the notice of the Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa by senior officials of the department during the recent pre-budget meeting.

The data available with DH shows that Karnataka allocates on an average 2.40% of the total budget to higher education, which is lowest compared to other states.

Interestingly, Karnataka has cut down the budget allocation during 2017-18 compared to 2016-17. During 2016-17 government allocated 3.20% of its total budget and it came down to 2.40% in 2017-18.

Interestingly, Bihar allocated 5.17% of its total budget to the higher education in 2017-18.

A senior official of the higher education department said, "We have gathered this data especially to submit it to the chief minister. The funds which the government allocating currently are not sufficient as most of it goes to salaries of the teaching and non-teaching staff."

Considering this the higher education department has sought an additional Rs 3,000 crore in the 2020-21 budget, scheduled for March 5. In the last fiscal, higher education was allocated Rs 4,333 crore. "We have requested more funds for research activities and to train teachers to improve the quality of higher education in the state," added official.

"The chief minister has responded positively during the pre-budget meeting and we are hoping to get more funds for higher education this time," the official mentioned.



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