'Karnataka first state to issue order implementing NEP'

Karnataka first state to issue order implementing NEP-2020: Ashwath Narayan

The minister had convened a meeting with officials of the department and state higher education council

Higher Education Minister C N Ashwath Narayan. Credit: DH file photo

Karnataka has become the first state in the country to order the implementation of the ambitious National Education Policy (NEP).

Higher Education Minister Dr C N Ashwath Narayan on Saturday issued an order to implement the policy from the current academic year. In a statement, Ashwath Narayan said, “We (Karnataka) are the first state to order implementation of NEP-2020 and it will be done as per the guidelines of NEP.”

Students joining BA or BSc degree courses shall opt for two subjects (as discipline core) available at their respective colleges.

Later, at the start of the third year of the course, they can opt for one subject as a major and another subject as a minor or they opt for both subjects as majors.

In addition to opting for two subjects, students need to choose Kannada and one more language.

Besides, students will have to choose open electives and discipline electives as per the curriculum structure.

Colleges have been directed to prepare a separate Kannada curriculum for those who have not studied Kannada either in PUC or equivalent level or for those whose mother tongue is not Kannada.

However, if the students are pursuing courses such as BCom, BCA, BBA, BVA and BPA, the choice of optional subjects is not necessary.

Further, if the student discontinues for any reason, after completing the second year of graduation by obtaining the necessary credits, the student shall be given a diploma certificate.

If the student discontinues, for any reason, after completing the third year of graduation by obtaining the necessary credits, they will be awarded the Bachelors Degree as per guidelines.

Similarly, if the 4th year of the course is available at the college in which the student has studied the previous three years, the study along with the chosen optional subjects can be continued for the award of the honours degree. If a research project is part of the course, such students will be eligible to directly join PhD studies.

Also, eligible colleges can have integrated courses of 5 years, in addition to the degrees courses of 3 years and honours degree courses of 4 years.

If any student discontinues after 3 years degree, he/she will be awarded a degree and after 4 years, honours degree will be awarded. If a student of honours degree joins PG courses, it will be one year course and for others, it will be a two-year PG course.

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