KSRTC launches vehicle for emission checks

KSRTC launches vehicle for emission checks

KSRTC launched Prakruthi Vehicles on Thursday in Bengaluru to carry out surprise checks on pollution-causing buses across the state.

The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation has launched “Prakruthi,” a vehicle for conducting surprise emission checks on its buses.

These jeeps are equipped with a smoke meter that is directly linked to the server.

Speaking at the launch of the unique initiative in Bengaluru on Saturday, Shivayogi Kalasad, Managing Director, KSRTC said that between 2015 and 2019 the Corporation checked about 13,830 buses of which about 3.68% were found to be emitting smoke beyond the permissible level.

“Such buses have been taken out for maintenance and will be deployed again after resolving the problem.

This year-2018-19 alone, the corporation has conducted the highest checks on 3,626 buses across the state,” he said.