PU board bars BEd lecturers from valuation work

PU board bars BEd lecturers from valuation work

The notice put up at a the PU evaluation centre in Bengaluru. Photo by special arragement

More than 700 lecturers, who had come down to city to attend the pre-university evaluation starting Monday were in shock with the Department of Pre-University Education barring them from attending the duty.

Despite having the orders in their hand, the lecturers, who had been out of teaching profession for two years and pursuing BEd course were asked not take part in the evaluation.

"Before we started evaluation, PU board came up with a note saying, as per the orders from higher authorities, the lecturers pursuing BEd course will not be eligible for evaluation duty as they were out of teaching profession for two years. This note was pasted on the notice board of the centre leaving many in lurch,” a lecturer who had come down to city from Hubballi told DH.

This outraged the lecturers, who had come all the way from far away places for the evaluation. Many have booked rooms in the hotels and would get any refund.

"This is waste of time, money and our energy. Despite knowing that we were out of profession for two years, why did the Board issue evaluation orders? As it was our duty to obey, we did not question or make it an issue. We went by the orders and came to Bengaluru. We had come here spending huge money. The department will not even pay travel allowance or any stipend for the work,” said another lecturer who had come from Bidar.

However, the Board had issued any orders in this regard. P C Jaffer, Director PU board was not reachable. Out of the 18,346 assistant evaluators, only 11,817 had reported for duty.