Rahul Gandhi renews attack on JDS, says it's 'Janata Dal Sangh Parivar'

Rahul Gandhi renews attack on JDS, says it's 'Janata Dal Sangh Parivar'

Congress President Rahul Gandhi speaks during his roadshow at Malur in Kolar district on Monday. PTI Photo

Congress President Rahul Gandhi once again took a dig at JD(S) on Monday by calling it "Janata Dal Sangh Parivar" and asked its leaders to make it clear where they stand in this election, which he termed as a battle of ideologies.

"One side is BJP, another side Congress party and in between is Janata Dal (Secular). The question is in this battle of ideologies, where does the Janata Dal stand?" he asked. Addressing a rally at nearby Devanahalli, he said "In their (JDS) name there is S that stands for Secular. But in this election, it looks like Janata Dal has changed its name and Janata Dal(S) means Janata Dal Sangh Parivar."

Earlier too the Congress President, currently on the ninth phase of his poll campaign in Karnataka, where the election is scheduled on May 12, had called JD(S) as Janata Dal Sangh Parivar and the 'B team' of BJP. Gandhi asked "Are they truly secular, or in this election are they supporting BJP, Yeddyurappa, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah? They have to make it clear."

"Janata Dal leaders have to tell whether they are on this side or that side because this is not any other election; this election is about Karnataka's future. This is the election to save Basavanna's thinking." Recalling 12th-century social reformer Basavanna's saying "Nudidante Nade" (practice as you preach), Gandhi said "I'm asking JD(S) the same question, what is in your heart? Speak it out."

Recently after heaping praise on former Prime Minister and JD(S) supremo H D Deve Gowda, Prime Minister Narendra Modi too had attacked his party. He had claimed that Congress and JD(S) had entered into a "secret" pact for the Karnataka Assembly polls and the party was "protecting" the Congress.